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Facebook Group

We now have a Facebook Group where you can join in discussions with other Gardening Club members, share photographs of your garden or interesting things you’ve come across on your daily walks or just keep in touch with friends you’ve not seen for a while. This is a private group […]


You are welcome to become a member of Ashton Hayes Gardening Club if you live in Ashton Hayes or one of the surrounding villages. The club has an event ten months of the year which includes a summer social evening, an evening visit to a local garden, a day coach […]

Season by Season Lawn Care Guide

When it comes to gardening, it appears that many of us are worried that the garden is greener on the other side. When surveyed in 2015, over half of Britons admitted to looking over to their neighbour’s gardens to compare them to their own. 24% were so worried about the […]

Have you got a lawn to shout about?

The hunt to find Britain’s Best Lawn is back! Gardeners across the country could be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to their lawn by winning £1,200 worth of battery powered gardening equipment from EGO Power+, the specialists and leaders of cordless technology. For 12 years, Britain’s Best Lawn […]


Welcome to the Ashton Hayes Gardening Club website. This website has been built to bring together information which may be useful to the members of Ashton Hayes Gardening Club. It is in its very early stages and we welcome any ideas you may have to improve and expand the content. Here […]